Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fred Cheng

In 2001, Fred Cheng , entered the TVB New Talent Singing Awards in which he won second place, following in many notable Hong Kong personalities footsteps such as fellow TVB actors Joyce Tang, Cindy Au and Patrick Tang. Soon after becoming noticed from the competition, he was offered a role in the TVB series Shine On You and proceeded to Hong Kong to pursue his new career. Fred now continues his acting career in Hong Kong, playing memorable roles in television series such as Love Bond alongside Kenix Kwok and Bernice Liu in which he plays their younger brother nicknamed "Smart Boy". Another notable role of Fred's was in the highly-acclaimed Forensic Heroes where he played Yoyo Mung's younger brother. Although he has become a well-known actor in Hong Kong, he hopes to expand his career further into music in the future.


Chinese Name: 鄭俊弘

Name: Frederick Cheng Chun Wan

Nicknames: Freddie, Derf

Birthday: November 10, 1983

Place of Birth: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Languages: Cantonese, English, & Mandarin

Education: High School Graduate

Hobbies: Exercising & Martial Arts


*Shine on You
*The Last Breakthrough
*Sunshine Heartbeat
*Lost in the Chamber of Love
*Hidden Treasures
*My Family
*Love Bond
*The Academy
*The Gentle Crackdown
*The Herbalist's Manual
*Women on the Run
*Ten Brothers
*Life Made Simple
*The Charm Beneath
*When Rules Turn Loose
*Welcome to the House *Cameo Appearance
*Forensic Heroes
*The Master of Tai Chi
*Forensic Heroes 2

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